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Story Planet is a charity devoted to amplifying the creative voices of young people in equity-deserving communities


Our writing programs inspire kids to imagine and write stories while building creativity, confidence, and literacy.


Since 2011, we’ve occupied a unique place at the intersection of the arts, social justice, and education. 


Eden Food for Change works to be a place where everyone in western Mississauga can be a part of a community focused on good food. Through our food bank we provide access to nutritionally balanced groceries. Our kitchen programs teach people the skills and knowledge to provide healthy meals.


EPIC seeks to generate unique ways to address problems through the open-minded consideration of ideas which reflect the broadest possible perspective exploring solutions which are “outside the box.” Consideration of how thoroughly an approach responds to the identified needs shall be deemed more important that whether the approach has been attempted successfully by others.

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Our mission is to extend a “hand up” to our community by delivering nutritious food, resources, and basic necessities with the support of our team of volunteers.


Youth who come to YWS arrive with the label of “homeless” with all the negative connotations that comes along with it, consequently self-esteem and confidence is low. The Strength-based (Resilience) Model of Care focuses on young peoples’ strengths: building a safe community within our walls where talking, listening and sharing are productive; and giving youth the opportunities to develop the integral skills and confidence to navigate the world and overcome their challenges.


Girls Inc. is the leading expert on girls. Our participants and alumnae are shining examples 
of role models for all girls and young people. 

Girls Inc. is building the new generation of strong, smart, and bold leaders through direct service and advocacy across the United States and Canada.

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Toronto Foundation for Student Success helps mitigate poverty issues that prevent children from thriving at school. We work with school communities, partners, governments, donors, and other organizations, to provide safe and inclusive programs that support students in underserved communities. We are advocates for children and youth.

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