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2022 Partners


Girls Inc. is the leading expert on girls. Our participants and alumnae are shining examples 
of role models for all girls and young people. 

Girls Inc. is building the new generation of strong, smart, and bold leaders through direct service and advocacy across the United States and Canada.


Spirit North is a national charitable organization that uses Land-based activities to improve the health and well-being of Indigenous youth, empowering them to be unstoppable in sport, school, and health.
Their programs have increased capacity in education, community, and health. Their activities include cross-country skiing, mountain biking, cross-country running, canoeing, Land-based games and activities, and multi-community festival days!


Our programs, designed for K-12 students, include multiple hands-on STEM workshops that explore custom curricular and local water science concepts. Students spend time on the land and in the classroom exploring these topics using water science tools and Water First learning resources. Working in collaboration with community members, students gain a greater understanding of their local geography and watershed. They also learn about the role they can play, as students and as young professionals, in protecting their water resources.

Water First is honoured to have engaged with schools in over 50 communities across Canada. Witnessing students’ excitement and interest in the field of water science is inspiring.


Indspire is a national Indigenous registered charity that invests in the education of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people for the long term benefit of these individuals, their families and communities, and Canada.
Our vision is to enrich Canada through Indigenous education and by inspiring achievement. In partnership with Indigenous, private and public sector stakeholders, Indspire educates, connects and invests in First Nations, Inuit and Métis people so they will achieve their highest potential.

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Summerlunch+ delivers healthy meals and food literacy programming to children in underserved, food-insecure communities through free summer camps. We grew from one community partner in 2016, to three in 2017, serving 430 kids per day. In 2018, we are working with four partners and plan to make a larger impact by improving our food literacy program and developing a Community Food Leader internship.


Established in 1985, Second Harvest is the largest food rescue charity in Canada. Second Harvest rescues fresh, surplus food that would otherwise go to waste, and delivers it to 225 social service agencies in Toronto, feeding people experiencing hunger – children, adults and seniors who access meal programs, food banks, shelters and community services. Last year, over 60,000 children and youth received food from us. In 30 years, Second Harvest has rescued and delivered over 116 million pounds of good food, thus preventing 50 million pounds of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. For every dollar donated, we can provide two meals.

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