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2017 Partners


Rose of Sharon Services for Young Mothers has been serving some of the youngest and most vulnerable families for over 30 years; it is the only organization in York Region to offer services focused on the unique needs of young prenatal and parenting women. Rose of Sharon programs are crucial to building parenting and life skills and offering hope for many young families. Many young expectant and new moms first come to Rose of Sharon having faced judgment and rejection from family, friends, peers, or even life partners. Many struggle with issues of hopelessness, lack of self worth, lack of maturity, and capacity to advocate for themselves and their baby. At Rose of Sharon they find the acceptance, support, and direction they are lacking in their lives since making the decision to raise their baby.

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Our mission is to meet the health, material and spiritual needs of expectant families or their children by providing information, education, supplies and support with compassion, dignity and respect.


Founded in 2013, The Baby Depot is a Canadian Registered Charity. We are a solely volunteer based operation with the purpose of helping children in need in the Hamilton, Ontario area. We know that we live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world where there is so much excess. Many people are looking for a place to hand over their children’s gently used items knowing that they will be placed in a good home, that’s where The Baby Depot comes in! We collect gently used and brand new baby clothes sizes 0 to 2T and donate them to children in need identified to us by Social Agencies in the Hamilton area. Along with the one year’s worth of clothes we give each child, we also try to provide diapers; petroleum jelly; baby lotion; baby wash and other essentials. We believe that even though a family might be going through a hard time financially it doesn’t mean their child should suffer.

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Massey Centre is a client-centered infant and early childhood mental health organization that is improving the lives of pregnant and parenting adolescents, aged 13-25 and their babies, aged 0-6 who reside at the Centre or in the community.


The New Mom Project was founded in February 2014 to ensure that families had the basic necessities to care for their babies. The New Mom Project is a registered charity and helped over 2000 families by providing clothing, diapers, blankets, toys, car seats, strollers, cribs and more to make sure no family is lacking in items to care for their infant. The baby bundles provided contain a range of clothing in different sizes, diapers, wipes, blankets, toiletries, a toy and book, seasonal outerwear. As poverty is a huge problem in Toronto, many families find it difficult if not impossible to prepare for their baby with safe and clean items. The New Mom Project operates a drop-in clothing/diaper bank that allows new parents to shop for their own items. The New Mom Project works within a community health framework with a focus to provide safe sleeping environments, safe car seats to bring baby home from the hospital, carriers or strollers to reduce isolation and provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, as well as seasonal clothing for the infant.

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