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Our mission at summerlunch+ is to provide delicious, healthy meals to students during the summer break. Healthy lunches and snacks ensure that kids get the most out of their summer!
This year we are delivering summerlunch+ at Home which includes a weekly food box and an online learning program that teaches children and youth how to cook, while learning about food.


Eastview is committed to improving the quality of life of residents primarily in the area bounded by Greenwood, Broadview, Danforth and Queen Streets. To this end, Eastview mobilizes resources from a variety of public, private and community partners in order to:

  • Provide a community place that is welcoming, safe and open to all

  • Offer programs and services to children, youth, families, seniors and newcomers

  • Create opportunities for community members to build supportive networks, learn new skills, access resources, contribute expertise and develop tomorrow’s leaders.


EPIC seeks to generate unique ways to address problems through the open-minded consideration of ideas which reflect the broadest possible perspective exploring solutions which are “outside the box.” Consideration of how thoroughly an approach responds to the identified needs shall be deemed more important that whether the approach has been attempted successfully by others.


EveryMind provides help and hope to infants, children, youth, young adults (up to age 25) and families who live in the Region of Peel.


We advocate for food justice by supporting community-based food initiatives and through ongoing advocacy and public education. 

From program design to community outreach, we take our cues from those most affected by poverty and food insecurity. We will continue to serve as a catalyst for long-term solutions in our food system that are rooted in principles of food justice and in partnership with local communities.


Youth who come to YWS arrive with the label of “homeless” with all the negative connotations that comes along with it, consequently self-esteem and confidence is low. The Strength-based (Resilience) Model of Care focuses on young peoples’ strengths: building a safe community within our walls where talking, listening and sharing are productive; and giving youth the opportunities to develop the integral skills and confidence to navigate the world and overcome their challenges.

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